On Happiness and Weaponized Hedgehogs

This makes me happy.

NZ man used hedgehog as a weapon

It disturbs me that someone could use a hedgehog at somebody to hurt them. Can you imagine the thought process involved in deciding to throw that?!? "Why I oughta chuck a hedgehog at you!" *chucks hedgehog*
I have little faith in humanity. Especially when we can turn something so adorable into a weapon for destruction. Think of the Children!!

Does it make me a bad person if I laughed when I read the story?


Malcolm said...


Masosie said...

OK they are cute but they really smell so it's like throwing a fuzzy stink bomb or a really small skunk on people.

tahnok said...


fuzzy?!?! They are prickly!

Jared said...

oh jees, hilarious man