On Teenage Sleeping Habits

I'd like to begin with a why... yawn ... the school day starts too early

Thank you adults for finally noticing what has been obvious to us teenagers for the past... ever. We are naturally prone to stay up later at night and walking up later in the morning! Now I admit that it's probably not just the melatonin imbalance they mention but also due to teenage excess use of technology, but the fact remains unchanged we all start later in the day! It is a growing fact of modern life that technology doesn't sleep and the internet doesn't care that it's 4:30 am on a Wednesday. This is an interesting societal shift, but that's for another blog post.

The issue I have is why the frak does school start so frakkin early?! Students outnumber staff something like 15:1 so why not go with the majority sleep cycle? Furthermore adults need less sleep then teenagers and nothing prevents the teachers of walking up at their old time. So why not shift the entire school schedule forward an hour? Breakfast at 8 am and lights out at 11:30? It's not like we are going to sleep at 10:30 anyway and most of us are up later
then that. I honestly see no reason why we couldn't start later. I think this calls for a revolution!
Join me in rising up against our adult overlords! Demand that we, the majority, have a schedule that matches us, not them! Viva les Teenagers!!

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