On the future of the Modern World

This is a book done by author Vernor Vinge and he has some really really neat insights into the future. In the world the book takes place, which is earth in about 100 or so years time where the internet is not nearly ubiquitous, it is part of reality. Everyone is always jacked in and virtual reality is over-layed on top of normal reality. In this world of limitless information and instant global communications one skill is necessary to succeed; Search and Analysis. The problem is there is too much information so you have to a) find said information b) figure out what it actually means and use it to solve the problem at hand. This is a class taught in high school, just like English or Math.

This is only one of the cool ideas Vinge has in One of the books he has written. (Check out A fire upon the deep and How to Prepare for the Singularity)

p.s if you don't mind reading online the full text of Rainbows end is here (also I love the internet)


Malcolm said...

don't forget to lend me this book before summer, eh? i'd rather have the novel than read it online

tahnok said...


Sorry Someone else already has dibs on it (I mean you Suzy)

It's definately availble in any bookstore you care to look in.