On the layers that surround us

Today during a car ride I realized how many different worlds exist in parallel. There is the world of business. I realize that is a huge generalization in terms of business, but it is the sub-culture I am talking about. There are so many rituals and sets of vocabulary and rules of conduct. There are scientific worlds, of academic papers and tenure and research grants. There is the world of arts. Fame, funding, creativity. Who is inspired by who and what genre, style or school.

But this got me thinking on another subject.
Pause for a moment and consider how many areas of expertise and how many people are involved in every thing around you. Even this keyboard I am typing on. There needs to be someone to print the letters, to make the machines to print the letters, to develop the substance that is printed on the keys, to extract those substances... That's just for the writing on the keys!
As I watched the cityscape slide by the car window every single building or person I saw under a different light. Each aspect of everything has a million sub-facets with a million experts. I saw the house from the eyes of the florist, the architect, the engineer, the decorator, etc...
and it was breath talking and mind boggling.
It was absolutely fascinating and I want to know more of everything. I can't believe how much there is to know about everything.

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Malcolm said...

Wow.... yeah

I like to think about all the odd jobs that we forget exist, especially design-type ones: the person who chooses which colours to use for the lines on gym floors, who makes the 'interface' for tv channels or sports events, or who decides where on a stuffed animal to put the tag.

There are so many layers that we often don't see even when we think about layers, because they're invisible.