On AWESOMNESS and Android (google's new phone platform)

So google has gone and decided to create this new OS for phones because the manufacturers and carriers can't and won't do it themselves. It's called android and it's supposed to be carrier and device neutral, but would allow for software to be created. It'd be awesome if people could write programs that took advantage of built in cameras, GPS, microphones and network connectivity. Here's a few examples of software that's been developed for Android already in a contest hosted by google.

  1. Life360: A fusion of social networking and public map overlays and geo-information. Get alerts for events (someone lost their dog) in your area.
  2. Locale: Change your phones settings based on where and when you are. In the theatre? Your phone knows it and sets your phone to vibrate. At work? make your ringtone slightly... less vulgar. So simple you say "I should have thought of that"
  3. BreadCrumbz: Create directions and routes yourself. Add pictures of landmarks and other info to make the route more interesting.
  4. Pocket Journey: Turns your phone into a tour guide to learn about your surroundings (historically, artistically, technically). The content is all user created
  5. BioWallet: Turn your phone into a biometrics reader. It can lock/unlock your phone based on signatures or even retina pictures!
  6. City Slikkers: Like a game of capture the flag, but a lot more iteractive (with urban objects) and complicated. Interact with other people nearby.
  7. PedNav: Give it a location and it will plot your route for you using walking or public transit.
If you're still confused about Android, think iPhone software, but open and on more phones. Here's the whole gallery of programs for your pleasure.

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