On the Karma Army and Random Acts of Kindness

Some people enjoy freaking people out. Usually this people are random persons in a crowd and the freaking out is done by doing something stupid, or confusing, or just really hard to ignore. This is all fine and dandy, but if you REALLY want to freak a stranger out, try this.

Be really nice to them

Like really nice. Offer to buy them their coffee if you're in a coffee shop. Stand at the street corner and give people loonies or hugs. Being mean doesn't freak someone out nearly as a random act of kindness. You expect people to be assholes, so when they are, it's just annoying. Try being nice! There's a whole movement of groups and people who's philosophy involves being kind to people you have never met. There is the Karma Army who encourage people to join and to be nice to people. There's the Free Hugs Campaign, where people stand in public places with a sign offering free hugs to anyone who wishes them.
The name random acts of kindness probably comes from a wonderful quote by I'm-not-sure-who

"Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty"

So try it today! Give somebody a hug! Be Nice to them! Spread the good karma!

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