On Specialty Innovation

Sometimes an invention has just about one use.

Presenting the whipwatch:
"Riders can easily activate WhipWatch features without compromising hand position by sliding a thumb to the start button on the timer’s housing. The programmable countdown mode features audible beeps at selected intervals, allowing eventers to accurately gage their cross-country time while riding. Once the timer reaches zero, the module begins counting up, allowing riders to accurately time their overage.

The stop watch feature counts from zero up, allowing riders to time interval training, jump courses, barrel racing or any type of point-to-point equestrian sport. Real time/Military time allows riders the freedom of trail riding or schooling without the use of a wristwatch buried under layers of clothing during winter riding. The programmable alarm serves as a wake-up call while on overnight pack rides, but also can be used to signal its whereabouts at a prescribed time if lost in the barn or dropped on the trail. WhipWatch is water and shock resistant and its battery is replaceable. It is available in a variety of color."

I know some of you are thinking that there are other uses....

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