On using magnets to float EVERYTHING!

So today I'm looking through wikipedia articles starting at Cryptography and end up finding this image.A floating frogThat my friends, is a frog that is floating because of MAGNETS. Here's the explanation offered by the crazy crazy people who make this stuff up
" In fact, it is possible to levitate magnetically every material and every living creature on the earth due to the always present molecular magnetism. The molecular magnetism is very weak (millions times weaker than ferromagnetism) and usually remains unnoticed in everyday life, thereby producing the wrong impression that materials around us are mainly nonmagnetic. But they are all magnetic. It is just that magnetic fields required to levitate all these "nonmagnetic" materials have to be approximately 100 times larger than for the case of, say, superconductors. "
This is why I love science. As they say on the site somewhere, this is REALLY close to REAL antigravity because the force of the magnetic field is equal to the force of gravity . This could work on people as long as you didn't have any metal inside of you because (as far as they can tell) really big magnetic fields have no effects on living things.

I am also really amused by the video the of the frog , but my favourite has to be the one of the floating strawberry.

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