Part 2 of Baron's Free Internet World Saving Tricks!

Greeting's programs! (yes I just watched Tron: Legacy and yes, I loved every second of it) Today I have an important one for you. This one is easy, and should be done by everyone with an email inbox. Sign online petitions. Why? It's really easy, and when activists who are actually doing something can point to a really big number and say "they think I'm right" things get done. I'll be introducing you to a few, but todays is a special one to me because they are based in one of the laziest countries in the world: looking at you America. That's right, change.org is in fact based in the states, and they combat everything from climate change to gay rights to animal rights to gay animal rights. But seriously, they even champion the world cause I am most passionate to fight: Human Trafficking. There are few evils more dire then human trafficking so if you're reading this: SIGN THOSE PETITIONS. And sign up for their mailing list.


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Robin said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and the congrats on the new job. Yes, I know it sounds suspect: a non-dysfunctional company. I see we have common goals, e.g. signing online petitions. I agree - and often sign them. I am very interested in animal rights, and just RIGHTS in general for the downtrodden, those in need, etc. I mean, who could be against those things? Have a great holiday...