Punching Bag of Great Justice

I have this quest to customize or modify everything I own. I dislike how you can go out and find something identical to what I have. So I change it. What would you do with a punching bag? Isn't it obvious? What would Tyler Durden do?

Simple. He'd find/make/print/cut stencils of all the peoeple he would want to fight. So that's what I did.

Finding stencils of people and characters you hate (or love for that matter) is actually harder then you think, so I used gimp and made the above to cut out. The punching bag is made of a heavy but porous material, and I happened to have a fabric marker. So I cut

I used the fabric marker:

I gloated;

And then I proceeded to open a can of My classic Whoop ass.
Also, the characters I chose should demonstrate that I intend on being in a super smash brothers game.

In order to determine what faces would go on there. Here were the contenders:
-sarah palin
-jiggly puff
-your mother
-Tyler Durden
-Tyler Durden
-fruit fucker
-a zombie
-general Bison
-kernal zod
-darth vader
-terminator (robot)
-govenator (arnold)
-Tyler Durden
-Locutus of borg
-Shatner, William Shatner
-pyramid head
-charlie sheen
-keauna reeves
-Decepticon logo
-George Lucas
-sponge bob square pants
-team rocket

-Tailor Dresden

PS. for all you Kirby lovers out there... it's the thing I love hitting the most.


Anonymous said...

What? no Obama yet?

Katie said...

hahah this is great

anisha said...

its very nice :)