On Balcony Gardening Containers

Lots of things have happened since I moved to Montreal. I've begun learning Fire dancing, I've started a parkour group, I'm joining a hacker space, I'm learning 5 languages, and the list goes on. But rather then tell you about all this (I'll get around to it once I am massively successful) I'm going to show you what I've done to make a balcony or rooftop gardening container. Why? Because that's what anarchists do. They fight to remove their reliance on the corporate dynasty.

Step one: assemble your materials. You will need:
-plants or seeds that will grow things you want to eat!
-2 ice cream buckets (we got ours free from a student run ice cream parlour at Mcgill!)
-cloth cloth. go sacrifice a shirt to the rag gods.

-a multitool or utility knife

Step One: Stab it in the bottom! That is make drainage holes in the bottom of one of the buckets.

Step Two: Cut strips of your cloth and shove them through some of the wholes. Let them hang out both sides far enough (you'll get the idea). These (in theory) facilitate moisture transfer.

Step Three: Place this bucket in the other bucket and stab holes about an inch and a half from the bottom.

Step Four: Fill that bad boy with dirt!

Step Five: Plant you plants (or seeds) and water them!

Step Six: Wait. I'll let you know when I'm done that step.

More Later!

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Aww such cute plants!
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