So I watched a TED Talk a while back about trying something new for 30 days, and I’ve decided to give it a try. The logic makes sense. 30 days is about how long it takes to form a habit, but it’s a fixed length of time so you can easily see the end so should be possible to stay motivated.
This month I am going to try and post 1 thing per day until October 31st. The only restriction is that it must be at least 300 words.
While blogging isn’t exactly a new thing for me, I want to try to get back into the habit of writing things. Being able to string words together in order to communicate thoughts is a skill I value highly.
I also have some academic incentive as midterm season is quickly approaching. While I doubt that there will be any essay questions for Math 240 my political science classes will surely involve writing essays. Hopefully I will bring myself to write some practice answers to sample questions.
Finally, I may try my hand at short story writing. I wish that I was better at imagining stories, building worlds and forging characters. So this will be an attempt to turn this abstract wish into something more concrete, though I don’t offer any guarantees on quality.

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