On Another Go Board (towel)

The go board I put on top of a VCR is about the right size to play with penies as game pieces. it was not however big enough for the game pieces I had been collecting.  So I took a page from a Douglas Addams book and made this:

This is a go board on a towel, written in fabric marker for larger pieces 2.4cm or less. Given some creativity you can find game pieces pretty much anywhere, be they coins, or stones of different types or colours or with sharpie markings to distinguish them.

I've been known for the use of towels for just about everything: bedding, a martial arts weapon, a climbing aid, clothing, bandages, packing material, the list goes on and on forever. Know where your towel is, at all times.

The other photos in this collection document the process.

The Art of war is of vital importance to the state. It is a matter of life and death. -Sun Tsu

-The Baron

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AVM Survivor said...

Looks like a good beach game.