On Go, and ongoing

Go is an ancient oriental board game. I recommend everyone should learn how to play because it's amazing. I decided to make the vcr/dvd player on my floor multipurpose, and put a go board on top
Materials to make a go board: 1. Flat surface 2. Sharpie 3. Ruler

Part of the Christmas loot I received was a dremel head set. I hadn't used it yet so I thought "wouldn't it be awesome if all the lines were slightly engraved? 3/38 lines and 20 minutes later I decided that my dremel wasn't ideal. But at least 3 of the lines are engraved!

If You have a short attention span, stop reading here, the rest is fluff.

Reasons you should learn to play go:
-it's relaxing
-it builds your mental faculties
-in feudal japan, any samurai worth his steel was trained to play go like a master
-kung fu movies start making slightly more sense

All for now,

-The Baron

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