On the Greatest Game of Risk Ever Played

Fun story about last Friday: my mate and I decide that we absolutely needed a copy of Lord of the Rings risk. 2 hours, 6 game stores and a failed quest later, still no LOTR Risk. We give up. Not ten minutes later, one of our leads (a kijiji ad for LOTR collectibles) emails us back, and can deliver it before 21h00.

So we play and it's fun.... a few days later we have a few friends over and the idea hits us for an epic game of Risk.  Having access to the "classic" risk game, and not being able to decide between the classic or LOTR, we combine them. Two boards. 5 armies. 1 winner.

Italian Goblins, french elves. Shadow-Run anyone?

We connected the games via 4 portals represented by unused "leader tokens" from the LOTR addition. One was between the forests of Fangorn Forrest, connecting to Ireland, in Great Britan. We connected eastern Australia to it's equivalent tactical stronghold in middle earth. We connected Florida (representing the Bermuda triangle) to the Grey Havens, the elvish port to the undying lands (apartently Bermuda). Mongolia had a portal to the Mines of Moria.  Territory cards were interchangeable from each of the games and rather then rolling with 3 attack dice and 2 defense dice, we used all 6 attack dice and all 4 defense dice. Lols ensued.

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-Tahnok & The Baron

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Malcolm said...

Ha. So much for identity protection. I'd recognize Captain Hammer anywhere!