Instructions for getting GPG working on Android

Step 1: Download APG

Step 2: Create a public key with APG (menu button -> manage private keys -> create key)

Step 3: Import the public key of the person you want to communicate with. Mine is located on Dropbox and on the MIT keyserver (id:
BE0B2E72). You should just be able to click the file and it will open in APG

Step 4: Export your public key (manage public keys -> hold click your key -> export) and send the public key to your recipient. You should also upload your key to a keyserver.

K9 Time!

Step 5: Install K9-mail and set it up with your mail client. I set it up with gmail, but disabled syncing becuase GMail is a much better client, except for it's lack of GPG support

Step 6: Send me a signed or encrypted email! The option shows up under the compose option.


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