On Books and Time

So this past break I've read at a rate of 1 book every 3 days, which is fairly quick, but not fast enough. See below is a list of books I want to read
  • Rainbow's End
  • The Wars
  • The Sparrow
  • Frankenstein
  • The Subtle Knife
  • A Storm of Swords
  • Perdido Stree Station
  • Glasshouse
  • When Darkness Falls
  • Alice I think
  • Speaker for the Dead
  • At the Mountain of Madness
  • The Dance of Molecules
  • A Fire Upon the Deep
Seeing as there are is only so much time in a day and I can't read instantaneously (yet!) this poses a problem. Why must there be so many books, but so little time?!?!

Anyhow if you are looking for books to read I heartily recommend Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Cory Doctorow. It's a really entertaining novel with lots of interesting ideas (immortality, no money, ad-hocracy). It's fairly short by my standards, but I read fast. So go out and buy OR download it with the author's consent here
Cory Doctorow released in under the Creative Commons license! Huzzah! Free books for Everybody!

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