On Ritual and Unexpected Electronica

Today I attended Easter mass and it struck me just how much of the service was ritual! I think this is what bothers me the most is that there isn't a lot of anything else. I don't object to things that they teach in the bible. Who could? Love thy neighbour, Thou shalt not kill, etc.. It all makes a lot of sense as a moral framework, which I think we all need. The problem I have is that it's not something that you are encouraged to come to on your own. It is taught to you via continuous indoctrination! But then I got thinking how that's the way it is with most things. School teaches you in a lot of cases by simply exposing you to the same thing over and over. We learn how to act in social situations via the actions of others, but do we really stop and question why?

The other weird thing that happened during the mass was the sudden occurrence in the musics of what sounded like somebody was rewinding a record. They were signing "aleluia" but half way through they stopped and started and stopped and started and then again. It was like a techno song where the clip loops. It was very unexpected, but which came first? Did techno or did the Church? I don't think I'll ever know, but it makes you wonder about originality, but that's another post...

Anyways goodnight again. It seems to be a ritual to post these at 3:00 am

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