On Male Pregnancy and Geeky Proposals

As I read through my daily dose of internet news which can be as many as 300 items worth of feeds I came across two unusual stories that really caught my attention.

The first caught my attention for being unbelievably awesome and insanely geeky (though that's just repeating myself). It's here This guy proposed to his wife while on a zero G flight! In my opinion that is the epitome of awesome. Awesome proposals like this are few but I suppose this one ranks up there in equal geekyness plus it was on valentines day. Not quite as awesome but still...

The second story of interest is about a man who is pregnant. Story
The man is transgender and is legally married to his wife. She is unable to have children, but he can, so they decided to have a child like any normal family. It just so happens that he is carrying the child not his wife. They seem to have encountered a lot of opposition from doctors and hospitals. Which got me wondering how I would react. I think that there shouldn't be any objections. Why should they have less rights then any other person? The law doesn't discriminate in terms of gender.

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