On Terrible Slogans and Mind Control

I saw a shirt being sold at West 49 today that made be want to puke. It had a slogan across the front that read "One Country, One Culture" What. The. Hell?!? This is Canada! Home of the Canadian Mosaic. We encourage cultural diversity for crying out loud. So why the shirt? Conspiracy theory me thinks that it is fascist corporations trying to insidiously alter public opinion by implanting this suggestion into the minds of passer bys in an attempt to make you more susceptible to their mind control.
"Become mindless sheep because you fear for you safety! Beware the evil foreigners!, etc..." Sadly conspiracy me doesn't get listened to very often otherwise I'd be wearing not only a tin foil hat, but a full body suit constructed to prevent foreign chemicals from entering my body. I'd be awaiting the time when the resistance was strong enough to overthrow our reptilian capitalists overlords and break free from the Matrix. Stockpiles of fresh water would be made to prevent them from poising our essence! Purity of Essence!

It still bugs me that they even sell the damn shirt with such a non-Canadian slogan on the front, but there isn't much I can do about it. I don't shop there anyways and I doubt the people who do care much.

Ah well. I bid thee goodnight once more from the god awful early hours of tomorrow.

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