On Multitasking

I've recently begun to undertake massive amounts of multitasking. It isn't uncommon for me to have 5 chats open, two or three tabs open in Firefox, music playing and an assignment or two on my desk for homework. It kind of scares me how often I am juggling a couple of tasks at once. But it isn't really multitasking. I've just got a lot of things happening concurrently that I switch between really really fast (or not so fast sometimes). I can pick up my work on an essay or my reading in the middle of an article because it's possible for me to look back at what I've done before. Normally you can't do this in meatspace conversations, but with instant messaging I don't actually have to remember what I'm talking about with somebody, I just re-read what we've said and I'm off again!

The problem is that I don't think I actually get that much more done. In fact some of the things I do get done are probable worse because I was multitasking and my full attention wasn't on it. But this isn't always the case. Alot of the time my full attention is on each individual task, just separately and not for very long. Sadly this doesn't work that well for conversations because it makes it rather... hollow.

Unfortunately as well it seems like this is the product me using my computer. Which means it probably won't stop because I probably won't stop using my computer. Ah well c'est la vie

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