On Shifts in Personality on the Internet

First off I'd like to begin by apologizing for not posting yesterday, but I had good reason.

But this is about how people are a lot less scared online and more open. I've noticed myself doing it a lot and I know that others do it too. People are more prone to say things online (either via Instant Message or on a Forum) It makes sense though. You are considerably more separated online. There is the perception of there being less consequences, which isn't always the case.

I also find that instant messaging is a very unique form of communications. It's almost real time, but you have time to compose your messages. It's very useful because you think out your replies before you send them. The problem is that it's not how you communicate face to face with people. It's strange, quite a few of my meatspace friends I don't talk to online much, but friends I don't see everyday I talk to a lot more online.

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