On Samurai Pizza Cats

I was recently made aware of the existence of an Anime Series so incredibly random I have to share it with you today.


How awesome is that? It's a series about anthropomorphic Cats that wear super armour to defend Little Tokyo. In their free time they run a pizza joint.

Is that not awesome?

What kind of a though process is involved in deciding to combine those ideas together. Pizza, Samurai and Cats! Perhaps the creator was on LSD (incidentally Albert Hofmann died today). I wish I could be as random as that. Most of my random-generation routines involve picking events that have no relation to what I'm talking about. This is sort of paradoxical though because they are related through their lack of relation...
I think a good general formula for the creation of random things involves

  • an animal: try to make it as bizarre as possible. Platypus, Narwhale, Eagle
  • an action: animals don't usually do human actions so choose something like dancing or smoking
  • an quality: colours are good. Psychedelic colours are better. Flavours work well too
  • a location: make it bizarre or really normal. Super normalcy when people expect random can be very random.

1 comment:

Malcolm said...

twelve asparagus dachshunds =)

...but cats are not random, nor is pizza... (nor are samurai in japan)
what is random is they are unrelated