On the Sweet inherent in Scooters

Today I aquired a scooter I once rode to school almost every day and I relearned how awesome these things can be. How Do I love thee O Scooter? Let me count the ways
  1. It's Stylin' ! No other form of transportation looks so cool. Well maybe electric skateboards but it's debatlable. You look so awesome scooting around (Someone helped me to decide that this was the correct verb for using a scooter)
  2. It's Efficient! Wheels are good. Scooters have wheels. Scooters are Good. With wheels you can let gravity do the work!
  3. It's Practical! I can sling mine over my shoulder once it's folded up! Also the handle makes a decent comic hammer
  4. It's.... I can't think of another reason!
And that is why scooters make me happy.

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