On Why I'm a Geek

One of the scariest signs that I have an unhealthy obsession with technology is how I wish sometimes I had devices that don't exist yet. This happens to me a lot when I'm sitting alone with nothing to do. I wish for a HUD (head-up display) which is a fancy way of saying I wish I had a clear display embedded in my field of view. Hell I would wear glasses if it meant I could have one of these things. Time could be so much better spent if I could read a book while sitting on a subway or watch a movie. If I wanted to know some obscure fact I could google it anywhere. This assumes I have some sort of tiny computer with me, but I figure I'd have one of those at this point too. You would never be alone because you would always be online! If this thing was smart enough you could literally tag things in real life. Imagine having little bubbles above people's heads with their name? Imagine being able to see through the eyes of someone else. Or have allergies you may have show up in flashy red?

Wouldn't this be a marvellous future?


Malcolm said...

The most interesting idea here was definitely the allergy one. Tagging people and such is an obvious use for the system, but the allergy idea is much more out-of-the-box.

tahnok said...

Weird I didn't even realize the originality of that suggestion until you pointed it out.