On Gender Differences

A friend of mine recently picked up a book titled "Why Gender Matters". Which got me thinking about how there are a lot of very fundamental difference between guys a girls.

I really just want to rant a little bit though. Why is it girls blame themselves for everything? Why must it always be the worst case scenario? Honestly I understand you are worried and frankly there are probably times I should be more worried then I am, but isn't it just easier to just let go sometimes?
Next rant. I honestly believe that sometimes girls are a little harsh on guys. Maybe I only think this because I am a guy, but really we are simple creatures. People think I'm joking when I make claims that women are being sexist towards men, usually I am just joking, but sometimes it's true! I agree that there are times when guys are idiots and useless, but really you don't have to hate all guys!

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