On Trying to Come with Good Ideas

I would like to apologize for my lack of posts recently. It's surprisingly difficult to come up with original thoughts everyday. Well, not so surprisingly I guess. Being original takes a lot of work. That's why people don't do it that often. It's sooo much easier to just rehash what you already know. Which actually raises the question. Is there is the such as an original thought? One can argue that original thoughts aren't really new. They are combinations of old fragments in a new and different way. Ideas have to come from somewhere. They cannot just come into existence. Perhaps though originality is putting things into new contexts. In other words Originality is making connections between things that weren't connected before. Einstein is actually proof of this in some ways. They dissected his brain (BRAINZZ!!!) and they found that there was almost no separation between the left and right hemispheres. In normal people there is this huge valley. The hemispheres in the brain are responsible for very different tasks. That's why he was so much of a genius. He could make connections in different ways then normal people.
Essentially this is me trying to justify my laziness for not posting for a few days.

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Masosie said...

Einstein was also the ultimate visual-spatial learner. That area of his brain, which is located above the right ear, was twice the size, 1.5cm, than normal for adult males. The connection thing that so impressed you is actually a result of his visual-spatial area, the speed of processing came from the fact that both hemispheres had so many connections between them. Now who else but me would know that.