On Haircuts

I figure the people I see most often (eg my friends) should decide my hair style. The logic as I see it is basically I don't really see my own hair that often. Sure I catch a glimpse of it in the mirror every so often, but that's nothing compared to the amount of time other's see my hair. Since they have to look at it, they should be able to decide what it looks like.

edit. In fact I'd like to hear any and all suggestions in the comment section. Tell me what you think I should do with my hair. Should it be shaved? Should I grow a pony tail? Should I die iti? I think I may even end up with a poll to figure out what I should do.


Malcolm said...

one vote for a fo-hawk =)

Malcolm said...

and... dye it something
something bright but not blinding
a nice shade of indigo, perhaps?

Masosie said...

Nah, I see it bright pink with the spiked ends in a vile shade of violet. Maybe shaved really close on the back with a peace sign or ying and yang cut out.

Bruce W. said...

I vote for the crisp business/pre look - like you had in your grade 9 school photo!