On the Real Power of Life

Today In the Class called English we happened upon the subject of death. Well happened isn't really very accurate description. The poem we were reading was "Death be not Proud" and they were saying that contrary to popular belief death isn't all mighty and despite the fact we all meet it, it's sort of boring. But this got me thinking. Everyone talks about the inevitability of death. Things tend naturally towards death and nonexistence. It's called the laws of entropy! So yes to some extent death is pretty impressive. But consider this if all things return to death and death is a the most "natural" state of affairs. So pause then and appreciate the greatness of life! Life is the antithesis of death. Life is naturally defiant of death. If all things tend towards death then Life must be an incredibly powerful force. Greater then death, because dead things don't often tend towards life... Usually. So the next time tells you that death is mighty or proud, consider the prowess of life.

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Masosie said...

Hmmm. But is this the real life or is it just fantasy? Observer defined reality and the Aborigenes in Australia have a different slant on things. What if this is death and when we die we are actually being born somewhere else? Or perhpas what we perceive as death is really our awakening from the "Dream Time".