On a Hydrogen Based World

Sometimes I miss radio, especially CBC radio. Mostly because of this one radio show I heard today called Ideas. They were talking to this man who'd written a book about why we need to switch Hydrogen based energy system (the system bit is important because too often he argues we don't think about our energy production and utilization as a system). He argues also as to why nuclear power is our saviour. I really can't do as decent a job as he could. If only you could hear him speaking... oh wait you can! Thank you public broadcasting stations! Here is the entire interview as an MP3 ! I highly recommend it. It really got be me thinking. Part of his argument is that the energy we can produce with hydrogen technologies, like fuel cells, are the only way we can solve the "energy crisis" for good. It's because we can make hydrogen from water and it turns back into water! So the "pollution" we create is not really pollution at all, it's just turning it back into the source we got it from!

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