On Freedom

What does it mean to be free? Free from chains and shackles? Freedom of movement? Freedom to be where ever you want to be? Or is it more then just a lack of limitations on your physical location and actions? Freedom of thought and expression? To say what you want and think what you wish? To ask any question or questions? Freedom from emotional repression? Is freedom not having to worry, a la hakuna matata? Perhaps it is the ability to worry only when you need to? Is it removing the restrictions of cultural dictates? Freedom to be whoever you wish in public and not have to worry? Perhaps true freedom is freedom from consequences? Or maybe the reverse, freedom from action? Is true freedom when you give up everything? Or when you encompass everything in your being? Or maybe both...?

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Masosie said...

The freedom to live an authentic life? Meaning that you can choose how to live your life but that freedom comes with taking responsibility for the choices you make and the consequences they create. A choice comes with the responsibility of the ripple effect your decision has on yourself and the world in which you move. But is there truly freedom from making decisions and choices? I don't think so, even not making a choice is a choice. If you choose to let others or circumstances make your decisions for you then you are responsible for whatever ensues from your lack of participation in your own life. There is no blaming others whom you burdened with making choices for you if you don't like the outcome because, after all, you chose to let that person make your decision for you, so you are still responsible for the initial decision not to choose and the consiquences of that decision, there is no escape from living your life authentically, there is no way to surrender your responsibility for your life and your actions. I sthis how our hearts a weighed when we meet Anubis? Is the true heart one that belongs to the person who lived their life authentically? Only time will tell.