On Discussions English Teachers Wish they had

The other day whilst stumbling across the web, I came across an alternative ending for Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, which can be found here. Then a little while later, I came across this Which is an really well argued discussion of the original ending of the curiously-hard-to-define Show.

English Teacher's wish students would analyze and think about books this well, going so far as to write an alternative ending. I think this is proof (english teacher's take note) that most people could write fabulous commentaries, if only it was on something that INTERESTED THEM!


Erin Palette said...

Oh, wow.

Someone read my article and didn't actively hate it!

You might be surprised (and then again, you might not) at how many people had the knee-jerk reaction of "OMG SHE DARED CRITICIZE TEH JOSS HE IS PERFEKSHUN OFF WITH HER HEAD".

Thank you for reading my article, and even if you didn't agree with it, I am immensely pleased you respect the validity of my opinions.

Verification word: Slessive. That actually sounds like a real word!

tahnok said...

Yes I really enjoyed your alternative ending. Everyones entitled to their opinions, and I think people should be glad that there are some people who take the time to write alternative endings.