On What I have With Me Most of the Time

Those who know me, know that I keep a small nintendo tin with me at all times as a first aid kit. It contains a myriad of substances and materials that I hope will be useful to somebody at some point. Here is the list:
  • band aids
  • polysporin
  • tweezers
  • paper clip
  • safety pin
  • floss
  • sting relief
  • motion sickness tablet x2
  • tea bag (caffeine)
  • large gauze pad
  • surgical steel razor blade
  • black duct tape x5 strips
  • lighter (bic mini)
  • caffeine pill 100 mg x 2
  • needle
  • vinyle glove
  • Benydril Tablets
  • pick set
  • acetaminophen 500 mg x2

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