On Subverting Unkind acts into Kind ones

Have you ever seen one of those signs on people that says "kick me"? Kind of a jerk move right? Sometimes those signs are even worse, labelling people as something they are not. So shouldn't the solution should be to not put signs on people's backs? Well yes, but I've got an even better solution. The problem isn't the sign, it's the message on the sign. So instead of "kick me" let's put signs that say "Hug me".

Now I wouldn't mind getting randomly hugged, but obviously I'm not everyone. Still I think the majority of people would enjoy getting hugged for reasons unknown.

This type of subversion where you take something that was mean and turn it into something that was nice is really easy to do. Insults for example. If you really know how to insult somebody, odds are you can just as easily come up with a compliment for that person. So people, which are you going to chose? Being insulting or be Kind? It's really a simple choice.

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