On the Dangers of Wikipedia

So I look up the pi page for wikipedia in order to ascertain its value to a couple of decimal places, but it drew me in... and I ended up reading the whole page. HERE is the culprit page, but there were a couple of interesting related pages. First there's this thing called the Ferynman point where the digits of pi are 6 9s in a row. The statistical odds of this occurring at that early in the digits of pi is 0.08%. The second interesting page was the Indiana Pi Bill. Yes, Indiana tried to legislate a mathematical constant... but thanks to a heroic mathematician, the day was saved. And you thought a degree in math would never come in handy.

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Malcolm said...

haha yeah
I was actually just talking to Dad tonight about how I don't watch tv or play games (much) and that...

...when I get distracted online it's usually wikipedia or a productivity blog (ironic, I know)