On a Shameless Pitch

Ok this one is to all of you geeks out there. I started using this awesome backup service called syncplicity. Right now it watches that one folder that holds all of my school work and automatically backs it up to the web. It even keeps different revisions of the file! No more having to remember to email yourself that file, just install and forget if you have internet the file has been moved into... "the cloud".

Now why am I pitching a service I have no vested intrest in seeing succeed? Well you see I do have a reason to want get my friends to sign up. They are offering a free upgrade from the free 2GB of storage for every friend I invite. 1 GB per friend with a max of 5GB. The deal works for you as well though. If I get an upgrade in storage, you do to. There's a mac version, but no linux version... yet. In other neat features, google doc integration (you heard me!), facebook photo upload integration, and public links so you can share files really easily. Also no file size limit.
So any of my geek friends who read this, and I figure some of you who aren't geeks, email me and we can try to get ourselves some nice online storage space.

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Malcolm said...

looks great - better than dropbox, I'd say

send me an invite =D