On Alternate Revenue for Ebooks

I can't wait for there to be more ebook readers and ebook market places available. I love reading. I love books. I don't always need to have a hard copy of a book either. I'm perfectly ok with reading on an electronic screen. Yes I know it still freaks some people out, but in my experience having a hand held device to read the text makes it easier because you can adjust how far away the screen is from your eyes.

But back to the original topic. I think there are plenty of opportunities for business models based on renting books or something like that. I wouldn't pay 15$ a digital copy of a book unless it was really good and by an author I really liked. I would pay 3 or 4$ if I had access to a really comprehensive catalogue of science fiction books.
Alternatively you could do a subscription based model too. I would shell out 20$ a month if I could download digital copies of books I liked.

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Malcolm said...

or ads... if you want to follow the trend of the rest of the internet... I'm not saying I'm in favor, but it would be one way to do it.

For instance, if it was just a non-invasize text ad then I don't think people would really mind... it would also be super subliminal as you read the same phrase again and again at the top of every page :P