On Events Happening this weekend I wish I could attend

I wish I had a better car/transportation. There are 3 events this weekend I'd LOVE to attend

1. ihackhfx

This sounds SICK! A bunch of developers/designers/ninjas are being invited to partake in this free event to create some apps for the iPhone which will be sold at a price. The revenue from this will be donated to a halifax charity! It's just the one weekend so it would be a crazy all night code-a-thon, though I'd just love to watch and meet people.


2. United4Iran

There's gatherings going on world wide to let people show their support for Iranians. TO quote their site
"Our only aim is to condemn the widespread and systematic violations of the Iranian people’s human rights and to call for full restoration of their human and civil rights."
It's taking place at 5pm at the entrance to the public gardens on the 25th. Too bad I can't go


3. Saturday's Geohash

Well this one is made more impossible because I don't have a GPS device to get to a location, but the no one has done the one for my locale yet. Saturday's are official XKCD meet ups so I'd like to go just to see if anyone else showed up.


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