On RFID shielding

So you've become paranoid about all the RFID tags you carry around everyday, but you're not so paranoid as to want to throw your wallet in the trash and carry around nothing but 200$ cash, a bowie knife and a heavily encrypted flash drive with all of your porn sensitive documents. What are you going to do? Build an RFID blocking sheath of course!

Here's what you're going to need:

  • Duct tape (I prefer black but you not-awesome people can use silver)
  • Large(ish) sheet of aluminum foil
Step 1: Cut a long strip of aluminum foil out that is a little shorter than the width of a credit card

Step 2: Wrap the strip around 1 or more cards that you want protected. I have about 3 layers of foil surrounding my card at it seems to work (See the testing section below)

Step 3: Cover the aluminum foil in duct tape! You just have to make sure the aluminum foil doesn't tear/rip so use whatever tape you want.

Step 4: profit!

The final product


You could make the opening along the long side of the card if you wanted to. This would probably lend itself better to people who have wallets with pockets that are oriented like that.
If you are planning to make a duct tape wallet you could probably use some aluminum foil throughout the fabric of the wallet.

Does it really work?

Well it's not perfect, but using this finely crafted piece of anti-paranoia I was able to seriously reduce the range of my RFID laden cards.
I had the card pressed up to the scanner/reader and it didn't respond unless I pointed the open side of the sheath directly at it while holding it a few millimeters away.
You could probably make it impenetrable by adding more layers of aluminium foil or creating a top.

Anyhow, I hope this is helpful. If you think this is a stupid idea please come back after you've googled RFID spoofing and understand just how damn easy it would be for me to steal the RFID tag that's living in your credit card right now.

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