Hello Internet,

Long time to see! I have a present for you! I built you a Kitty Bot! It's a perl based IRC bot that responds to !kitty and kitty! with a link to an image on flickr that's been tagged with kitty.

The source code is here at http://drop.io/kittybot

Keyword spam: IRC RSS PERL BOT

Photo courtesy of Rodzr


Malcolm said...

Could it also respond to lolkitty! with a link to a lolcat pic?

or maybe if you said "i can has lolz"

tahnok said...

Yeah, it could totally me modified to do that! I'm thinking of doing other cute animals

mcsquiggedy said...

It looks (and I could be wrong) like you tried to use a bracketed list literal. Perl's are parenthesized. That might be why multichannel doesn't work.

Carlos Gabriel said...

AWWWWWWWWW what a cute cat!!!