So, chances are you’ve seen one of these before. Perhaps you noticed it on a billboard some where and wanted to know what it was. Well, you are in luck. This is a qr code. It is a digital code that, with the right software, can be read by smart phones, and laptops with cameras. A code for what you ask? Anything! It can be a link or a bunch of text or contact information. Or all three! Got an iphone? There is a min application for that!

Got an android? No problem!

Black berry? Done.

Behind the times and all you’ve got is your good ol pc and web cam? As you wish.

“Wait” you say! “I own a mac!!!!”… well too bad, go find one yourself. Qr codes are becoming popular amongst hard core nerds who like inside jokes and tech savvy business men who have black berries and business cards. Consider yourself informed.

--Courtesy of The Baron