Gordan Freegan

From Drop Box
(part of my first freegan meal) I am becoming Freegan. What is a FreeganI am becoming Freegan. What is a freegan? Someone who only eats food that has been or will be discarded (food that one grew oneself is also considered within the freegan diet unless you’re a farmer). I will declare myself an official freegan when I have survived for one week on nothing but reclaimed food. Why do you ask? Mostly to subvert the corporate Kleptocracy but in part because I just finished reading Scott Pilgrim. Why would that make me want to become a freegan? In the Scott Pilgrim universe Vegans gain psychic powers by being vegan. Now, many freegans are card carrying anarchists, and they build a very strong sense of community and sharing. By embracing this way of living and contributing what I have I believe I will be able to summon anarchists, perhaps even angry mobs of them at will. It will be glorious.


The Baron

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