On DRM and Wasted Oppurtunities

Dear people who make movies/tv/music and pretty much anyone else who thinks pirates are the worst thing since forever:

There is  clearly a demand for your content, just take a look at any torrent tracker. Supply is not an issue in the digital age. If you have one copy of a song you have a million copies of your song. Distribution on massive scales is even easier when we consider bit torrent. So why on earth are you not selling your content to people??

I suppose it could be because of license agreements that prevent you from distributing content in certain regions, or without the consent of  certain distribution partners. I can understand this being a legal issue, but again there are millions of way for me to get your content WITHOUT worrying about licensing issues.

Perhaps it is over concerns of unauthorized distribution of content. I guess it makes sense that you would want to prevent one person from buying a copy and giving it everybody, but people ALREADY do that! DRM seems to be entirely useless in the presence of alternatives means of acquiring content.

I propose that you just start selling rental licenses to as many people as possible. People usually only want to see content once, but they will pay to get the content if it's easy to access and reasonably. I would gladly support the people who make the content I love, but if they persist on refusing to provide it in a nonsensical manner they will continue to make less money that they code. 

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