On Ecomomic Incentives

Why the hell are "incentives" so important? Don't incentives make me do the wrong things? Namely those that bring me the most money, rather than the thing that makes me happiest or other people happiest? I mean my basic human needs are kind of going to be incentive enough no? I need to eat, I should really make sure that happens, eh?

Normally the argument goes that goes against communism is that no incentives were provided to do things. Why should I be a doctor if the state will feed me anyway? Well you've kind of got to do something and there are certain tasks that everyone needs to do. Isn't that incentive enough? I mean most doctors aren't really in it for the money.

This post was inspired by Ursula Leguin's The Dispossessed 

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The Baron said...

"Collective action problem" economists #1 excuse to be cynical about humanity. Read Filthy Lucre , was an eye opener for me.