My Sorrow is like that of a thousand drowning kittens...

Dear Google.
I used to love you. I thought of you as our knight in shining white and rainbow Armour. I was convinced that some day I would be fighting as a Google paladin, against the the rebel scum of apple-soft. But no. I must revoke my loyalty as well as my love. I'm sure you will point to all the good things you've done, an that this is nothing in comparison... But thats not the point. Our hero must be unfaltering in it's dedication to justice and good. As such, this tress pass against one of the revolutionizing forces of the web (torrenting) has taken away your place of honor. For this reason, and to this end, I am transitioning to linux based open source software. For your misdeeds I will being to use a different mail client. For this affront to decency and personal power I am going to stop using google reader, and switch to another rss reader. For your betrayal this will be the last blog post I write in blogger until this wrong is righted. Good bye my love. I hope you will consider what I have said. There is still time to correct your mistake.

Still hopeful,

PS. now for some pictures of how I used to personify google: pic 1, pic 2, pic 3

pps. Everyone, please spam @google about this on twitter and every other service you know how.

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The Baron said...

(sigh) ok. well here's how it goes: this is Google bending to an authoritarian government. It's done this before, to china. However, it recently did an awesome favor to the world for tracking the Egypt thing. In that case Google is helping Fight an authoritarian government. What am I to think? Google backs the people. People aren't rising up against the united states government yet, so neither will Google. My love for it has not returned, but I am resigned to stay loyal to Google.