New Use for Old CPUS's

So I had this old Intel CPU on my shelf, and it had been thrown around and molested by sheep so it was never going to to work ever again. I also had incense laying around that was needed to make my room smell like hippy as oposed to dirty hippy. Intersection of need and opportunity led to this:

From On Everything and Nothing
Turns out that if you have a stick of pure, high quality incense (that is, it doesn't have a wooden core and doesn't have a stick coming out the bottom) you can just push one end of it into the pins and it sticks. If you are using cheap incense (shame on you for buying at the dollar store) then I suggest you drill through the centre of the chip and make your self a digital Zen incense holder. Any comprehensive carbide drill set will have the size you need. This is an improvement from my old incense holder where I was simply using stick tack to hold the bottom of the stick. the end would never burn, it was unstable, and a little messy:
From On Everything and Nothing

That's all folks!

-The Baron

ps. those sharp among you will realise that my last post was supposed to be my last post. Turns out Google and I made nice again: they were bowing to pressure from the oppressive regime of the US government and have since been involved with fighting other oppressive regimes. when the people are ready to fight, so too will Google be ready.

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