EDC: An every day carry is the set of items you always have on your person. The internet has enabled a community of people who take their EDC very seriously (me included). You can see some great examples of the type of gear people carry over at http://everyday-carry.com/

Here is a photo of mine.


First is my phone. HTC Dream (also known as the G1) which I have had for 3 years now. It's running Cyanogenmod 6 (Android 2.2 based)
Underneath that is a handkerchief, which is a surprisingly useful to have with you.
My key ring is pretty boring, except it has a utili-key on it.
My wallet is what I am most proud of. I use a simple money clip to hold all my cards together. It also has slots for a swiss army knife, a USB key, a mini bic lighter and a Quark Mini. The whole thing is made out of duct tape. This revision number 3. I have been trying to figure out an alternative way to keep all those cards, because it does not work if I have to add or remove a card. Some kind of elastic pouch or maybe a pocket with a secured flap. I'd also love to find a light that was flat so as to remove that annoying bulge that the quark mini causes.

I won't bore you with the contents of my backpack, but I have WAY more things in there and I nearly always have my bag with me as well. But the above items as the bare minimum I feel comfortable leaving the house with. It provokes a strange kind of anxiety when I don't have them.

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