On Gentically Modified Organisms

A lot of people seem to be terrified of GMO foods. This fear is especially present in the EU where the are huge restrictions on the sale of GMO foods. Strangely though they import huge quantities of genetically modified soy crops, but that is because you can't buy "pure" soy plants.
I acknowledge that there have been some companies that have engaged in terrible practices with regards to genetic modification (I'm talking about you Monsanto and your terminator genes, may your profits dry up and your stocks be worth nothing), I do not agree with the reaction that it has created. Banning and restricting GMO research is not going to do anything to help us in the long term

Scientific advancements in agriculture are the reason that we can produce enough food to feed ourselves. The Green Revolution has resulted in huge increases of crop yields and genetic modification has the potential to make those increases look trivial.
Research and development is going to be hugely important if we are to keep up with the population growth that is going to occur over the next 50 years. Scientific agricultural development
I'd like to qualify my support of industrial agriculture for a moment though. There are a lot of things that need to change now. We will probably have to greatly reduce the amount of meat we are producing if we want to avoid horrific climate change. We can't continue to subsidies agriculture in OECD countries. (aside: did you know that Saudi Arabia is an EXPORTER of WHEAT?) Monsanto and other companies that are engaging in unsustainable and unmoral practices have to change now.

The answer isn't to reject and restrict science because it has been misused. It does not have to continue that way. I think that we need to keep innovating and researching so that we can create technologies that aren't inadvertently destructive and so that we can ensure food security for all 7 billion of us here on planet Earth.

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