In Which an Artist is Presented

Baron here.  I've decided that Sundays will be my "Artist in Focus" days.  Consequently, I've got a brilliant artist and a close friend whom I want to point out to you. Kayla, aka Arra Frost, aka alesuriko, works most notably in two mediums. The first being writing, for which she has gained small scale internet celebrity status for her Fan Fiction, which can be found here (be warned, it's not all pg...).  However, out of her work her plays have gotten the most publicity, for instance Zombie Apocalypse (by far the best undead play ever produced to date):

Also on the deviant art profile found above you'll find the other mediums this artist has used such as photography and (drumroll) Cos-playing.  I'm going to make a fuss about this because to start with, as a cos-player she has won awards for creativity.  Better still? She's Gorgeous, so on top of a talent for making good costumes, anything she puts on is going to look good. Behold:
In short ladies and gentleman, keep an eye on her; you're going to hear about this person's success.  Had I someone to bet against I'd put money on it.

-The Baron

ps. twitter junkies, here you go.

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