On The Goggles That Saw The Apocalypse

Baron here. Check these out:

Notice anything? That's right! They're dusty, covered in scuffs and probably have a story behind them. Here's the story, and if you're interested I also mention how I polarized the lenses myself! (spoiler, I cheated).

These goggles were bought in Princess Auto. They were bought as cool looking safety goggles, listed as metal working goggles, because they could double as motor-cycle goggles and only cost 9$. Good times. The foam starts to come off the back and I plastic-glue, super-glue, epoxy and eventually burn it back on every time it falls off. More good times. 

And then the unthinkably wonderful happens: I am given a ticket to Burning Man. My first thought? 
Being broke, I dug through my limitless piles of junk and found these. They weren't polarized. Here's what I did:

I watched Captain America in 3D kept three pairs of the silly glasses they give you. You'll hear about what happened to the other 2 pairs later. What happened to one pair is I pried the lenses out of the plastic and super glued them in to the inside of the lenses. That's it! 3D glasses are polarized by virtue of the technology they are based on. Oddly this means I can use these for watching 3D movies. Good times. I also crammed modelling putty into the ventilation holes because when you're in the desert, in a dust storm, you want air tight goggles, or something close.

These bad boys were on my face and head all week. They watched me carve my soul up in the temple of transition, they watched packs of zebras on bikes pedal past pirate ships. They watched fire dancers groove to the imperial march while I ate Thai food FROM Thailand. Top that Salvador Dali.

-The Baron

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